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Pipeline Remaining Strength Analytics Dedicated to the Remaining Strength Life Extension of Pipelines

RSTRENG+ is the internet portal established for a community of the world’s leading pipeline companies, the vendors, service providers, equipment manufacturers, and other organizations supporting the pipeline industry, including Regulatory & Research. RSTRENG+ is devoted to the topic of the Remaining Strength of infrastructure assets, specifically pipelines worldwide.

One of the goals of the RSTRENG+ organizations is to collect RSTRENG data on pipelines worldwide for big data analytics and the resulting benefits to all worldwide stakeholders.


RSTRENG+ Value Proposition
Using the leverage generated by member resource contributions, RSTRENG+ can provide the Big Data platform for valuable new ideas, solutions and results to improving the safety, security and life extension of worldwide pipeline assets.


RSTRENG+ Mission & Objectives
To support collaborative research on Big Data Analytics of energy pipelines worldwide to enable pipelines as a safe, reliable, environmentally conscious and efficient means of delivery. The RSTRENG+ organization is being initially funded and supported by Technical Toolboxes. (


History of RSTRENG

History of RSTRENG® Software